? EP approves new public holiday; up to the Government now
Published 18/2/2019 by NEWSBOOK.

? European Parliament votes for making 9 May an EU-wide public holiday
Published 13/2/2019 by The New Federalist.

? A European public holiday on 9 May and stronger political rights for EU citizens
Published 12/02/2019 by the European Parliament.

? 9th May could be a new European public holiday
Published 9/2/2019 by NEWSBOOK.

? Moves to make Europe Day a public holiday
Published 1/2/2019 by PhileNews.

? Ireland in line for extra summer Bank Holiday as MEPs look to mark Europe Day
Published 30/1/2019 by The

? Ireland could be set for new Bank Holiday after top EU officials back day off work to celebrate ‘Europe Day’
Published 30/1/2019 by The Irish Sun.

? Europe Day initiative calls for 9 May to become public holiday
Published 29/1/2019 by EURACTIV.

? Petition before the European Parliament to make Europe Day a public holiday in the EU.
Presented by Carlos Santana, founding member of Europeanists (Europeístas), in Strassbourg during the European Youth Event 2018.